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‘Hey, Joe’ & ‘The Traveler & The Gate Checkers’ Now Available for just .99 cents!


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The holidays are here, and along with endless parties, get-togethers, copious amounts of booze and food, missed days of work, it’s that time when literally everything is on sale. And so I want to do my part and get you in on this modern day game of discounts galore. So let’s cut to the big mark down chase.

My two books, “Hey,Joe” and “The Traveler and the Gate Checkers” are now available for just .99 cents.  Yes, for less than a lousy dollar for each book, you can be traveling around Asia and the Philippines through my eyes, ears, nose and mouth.  Just click the banners above and, in just one click, you will have the full electronic version of  each of my books right on your device in minutes.

This is the Kindle version of the book, or the digital copy for those not familiar with the ways of Amazon.com.  But you know what? You don’t even need a Kindle reader to read the Kindle version. You can read these digital books on any of your electronic devices, like Iphone, Android, PC and Mac. Just download the Kindle app for you device, and you can now read a Kindle version of any book.

I know you are already spending way too much money this holiday season. So if you want to travel vicariously for f-all, get both of my books today.

The .99 cent offer is good through December 26th. (After that the books are only $3.99.)


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