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About Ted Lerner

Ted ring announcing in Digos, Davao Del Sur, Mindanao, Philippines

Ted Lerner originally hails from Allentown, Pennsylvania in the USA. That makes him an expert on great hot dogs(Yocco’s) and cheese steaks(Brass Rail), among other vital things.

He attended the then all-boys Lawrenceville School  in Lawrenceville, New Jersey for three years and graduated without honors in 1981. He was, however, a fine  enough boy to get accepted into the University of Michigan which at the time seemed like a great school because of its massive football program.  In 1985 Ted graduated from the University ofMichigan with a degree in Communications and a minor in revelry and keg tapping.

He first traveled to the Philippines on a lark in 1991 and, while there, Mt.Pinatubo blew up and he couldn’t leave the country. While most foreigners would have freaked out, Ted loved every minute of it and decided this crazy country was the place for him. In 1994 he up and moved out of Hawaii and took up residence in the Philippine Islands.

His column, “Hey,Joe” first appeared in 1995 and ran for six years weekly inManila’s Businessworld Newspaper. For four years he was the Philippines correspondent for the Asia Times. Recently he has contributed features to the Asian Wall St. Journal. Currently Ted is the Philippine correspondent for Billiards Digest the oldest and most prestigious US magazine covering the sport of pool, which is a massively popular sport in the Philippines.

Ted  also works as a professional emcee for events big and small, including ring announcing and TV commentary for professional boxing and billiard shows.

Besides “Hey,Joe”, Ted is also the author of the Asian  travel adventure book, “The Traveler and the Gate Checkers.” 

Ted currently lives in the Philippines with his Filipina wife and their 16 year old daughter.