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*Since its release in 2000, Ted Lerner’s Hey,Joe has consistently received rave reviews from both foreigners who have lived in and are interested in the Philippines, as well as Filipinos. The latter fact is a true testament to the timeless character of Ted’s stories, as foreigners writing in the Philippines are often subjected to extra scrutiny and criticism. Here is what some of the media have had to say about Hey, Joe.

“The American-born Lerner is well qualified to write about his corner of Asia, the Philippines… he offers some refreshingly non-judgmental insights…” – Far eastern CoverEconomic Review

“Love it or hate it, Manila… is always ripe for anecdotes and wry observation. You’ll find both of these in long time expatriate resident Ted Lerner’s hilarious Hey, Joe… the must read …” – Business Traveller Asia-Pacific

“Lerner is at his best… such as in the finely observed piece on the behind-the-scenes shenanigans that accompanied a 1995 international boxing bout.” – South China Morning post

I’ve found it exceedingly enjoyable, insightful, informative, and, at times, laugh out-loud funny. Congratulations. I sincerely hope it is the first of many. –Nigel Collins, author Boxing Babylon.

“Lerner’s humor easily shines through, making this anthology a must read not only for expats but also for Filipinos…”–
Ivy Liza F. Mendoza. Manila Bulletin.

“The book fascinated me and had me hooked…” Ma. Selina Alvarez, Malaya Newspaper

“Hey, Joe” is probably one of the best books on Manila to come out of late. I hate to say this but it was a big plus that the author is American. Only with such detachment could this truly unique perspective have been captured on paper.”–
Dante N. Peralta II, The Daily Tribune

“Lerner seems to be equipped with extra-sensitive senses and an acute power of observation that makes for very entertaining and articulate writing. “Hey, Joe” tackles the mundane, bizarre, amusing, macabre, and maddening aspects about life in Manila. No detail seems to escape him. And neither does his sense of humor and child-like fascination.”–Juan Ramos Tanjuatco. The Manila Times

“Lerner finds some kind of hidden magic in the nuances of everyday Pinoy life, magic that has long since vanished from Western living. His clean, friendly prose serves “Hey, Joe” well, acting as a magnet for those who want to see yet another version of Manila — this one through the eyes of a besotted foreigner.” –Ruel S. De Vera, Sunday Inquirer Magazine

“In his book, Lerner caricatures various Filipino characters that are so familiar, not because you know them in person but because you know that’s how Filipinos are. And, after years abroad, you realize these are the people that make you dream of going back.”–
Leo A. Deocadiz. The Sun, Hong Kong

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