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GATE CHECKERS_COVER DRAFT5 - CopyPraise for Ted Lerner’s

“The Traveler & the Gate Checkers”

Sex…Death…Life! On the Road in Asia

“This is Lerner at his best. I loved the book.  It is written in modern conversational style where you almost hear the author speaking to you. If  you have always wanted to travel, but don’t have the time or money, then sitback with a beer, and travel through Lerner’s eyes.  You will enjoy it. Bon Voyage.” –Alan Atkins, The Foreign Post

“A hilarious look at traveling throughout Asia, from sacred cow rest homes in India to bloody wrestling matches in Tokyo.” – European and Pacific Stars and Stripes

“Lerner is a true storyteller, weaving a plethora of  elements together to create a reading experience that can make you laugh and also shake your head in disbelief. His tales are told with humility, humanity and humor, making this a journey that is by turns bizarre, joyful, surreal, mysterious. This is not clichédAsia. ‘The Traveler & the Gate Checkers’ offers a glimpse intoeveryday Asians’ lives and finds the region’s uniqueness, making it an extraordinary book that is unforgettable.”Asia Times Online

“Wow, once I opened ‘The Traveler and the Gate Checkers,’ I couldn’t put this book down…A series of  short, entertaining stories that are so vivid that I could virtually picture the places without spending the airfare and time to get there! Fun, quick reading, and filled with details, excitement, and one-of-a-kind experiences…It’s outrageously good, with lots of  tidbits aboutsex, death, and life in Asia. It’s a must-read if  you love a well-told, honest adventure story by an author who has been-there, done that.” –Arlene Zatz, Travel World International Magazine

“Lerner does not have any qualms about pointing out customs and systems that he feels are completely ridiculous. But neither are these pointless tirades against the Asian nations mentioned.Though he tackles the shoddy and depressing sites, he tries to understand why the ridiculous actually works in certain places. The context is always taken into consideration, leaving locals laughing at Mr. Lerner’s experiences – including being threatened by a knife by a hotel receptionist in Thailand.‘The Traveler andthe Gate Checkers’ is an excellent read not only for those too terrified to travel to the less popular destinations, but would serve as a practical introduction for actual travelers interested in seeing the real Asia.”Manila Times

“Because he simply does not go with the herd, Lerner encounters weird characters, extraordinary lives and stumbles upon magical places.”–Malaya