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‘The Greatest Clearance Of My Career’

Watch as England’s Chris Melling breaks the  internet with one of the sickest run outs in pool history. 

Long time fans of pool already know that England’s Chris Melling is one of the more talented and entertaining players on the pro circuit. Daring, fast, creative and downright clever, when the Englishman is on his game, there is simply no one in pool who is more fun to watch. It’s one reason why he’s been labeled “The Magician.”

On July 13 Melling was playing in a do-or-die match with Finland’s Mika Immone on day 2 of the RYO Rack Classic, the third leg of the World Pool Series at Steinway Billiards in Queens, New York City. The game is 8-ball and the winner would qualify for the final 16 of the event, while the loser would be knocked out.

It was the third rack with the score tied at 1-1. I was lucky enough to be the TV commentator for match, alongside the legend, Johnny Archer.  What transpired next was unlike anything I have ever seen in over ten years of covering professional pool, as Melling took his on-table tricks to new and rarefied heights that has sent the pool world, especially online, into a tizzy.  Remember that these are not trick shots. These were shots played in a real tournament, at the highest levels of the game, with everything on the line.

Here is the video of that 3rd rack that many are calling the greatest clearance of a rack in pool history.